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Monday, June 05, 2006

MIA: Decent DS Wifi RPG Coop

Sorry for the abuse of acronyms.

I was perusing the upcoming NiWiFi titles for the DS and while there might be some decent candy there, I still bemoan the lack of a decent 2-4 player Diablo clone. While comparing Metroid notes, The Brother and I often wish there was a good coop title of any flavor (perhaps like Dead And Rising) but particularly we miss the good old days of Phantasy Star Online we had on the Dreamcast.

At one point you couldn't walk two feet without crushing some Diablo clone under your heel ... now where one's really needed it's nowhere in sight.

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Greg Tannahill said...

Two to four player Co-op RPG for the DS... Wasn't there a Children of Mana game coming out either already or any day now? That should be awesome, right?

Or was it not actually multiplayer in the same disappointing way as Sword of Mana?

Josh said...

According to wikipedia, "Children of Mana takes advantage of the DS's multiplayer capabilities, supporting up to 4 players at once. The game only uses local wireless, and does not support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online services. Multiplayer is broken down into Cooperative and Competitive modes."

Course, I haven't seen on these shores ... maybe it could get added?