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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Minnesota Sued Over Game Law

The trade group representing the video game industry sued the state of Minnesota on Tuesday to overturn a new bill that would fine children and teens for buying or renting mature or adults-only games.

The Entertainment Software Assn. (ESA) filed the suit in Minnesota Federal District Court, arguing that the bill attempted to substitute governmental judgment for parental supervision.

The ESA has successfully convinced courts to strike down six similar bills during the past five years, usually by arguing that the prohibitions on certain video games were unconstitutional.
-- Minnesota sued over video game clampdown ( digg it )

I've gotten out of touch with this stuff ... I didn't realize they had framed a law which punished the consumer. I do think a compromise focusing on Adults Only titles will probably be the way to go for both sides, even if it's a non-solution to a non-problem.

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