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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ars Technica On "Left Behind"

An excellent question:

With violence in games being such a hot news item, will this game get a pass because of its Christian underpinnings, or will it simply polarize Christians based on its depictions of violence? This isn't the last time we're going to hear about the game, and I'm looking forward to playing it to see just how delicately and tastefully these issues are dealt with. In that way the game is already a success, it has gotten us talking about religious issues and the use of violence, it just may not be in the way that some Christians would have wanted.

We were in talks with Left Behind games to answer some of our questions about this title, but after six days we haven't received answers.
-- Christians with guns and tanks: Are we ready for Left Behind?

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Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

The Christian-themed novelty of the game doesn't cover up that it sounds like a horrible game. This is going to be one of those situations where the concept of the game probably ends up selling more copies than the execution.

Troy Goodfellow said...

I'll admit to looking forward to this game, because it could go two ways.

First, it could be terrible in a guilty pleasure sort of way; a game so mangled and awkward that it would be a treat to play it. Video game camp.

Second, it could be a non-event. Just a middling to poor game that is neither offensive nor interesting. So all the anti-Christian/anti-violence hyperbole that has dominated talk of this game will shut up and go away and reveal the developers as something worse - talentless hacks.

There is no chance that this will be a great game. For anyone. Christian gamers stayed away from Catechumen. They'll avoid this one, too. Even the fundies.

Josh said...

I think the whole thing has been outsourced to bottom barrel developers, but that's utter ugly inneundo I've just picked up on with some of the interviews.

But I do think it's safe to say it's being done on the cheap, relying on a huge built-in audience and will quite possibly suck.

And I should admit, I'm judging something I haven't played and I've certainly based others for doing that.