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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cry Engine Or Reality?

The competition between gaming companies keeps them on the edge of Computer graphics development. The holy grail for them is of course to render live computer graphics that looks real.

The pictures below from Infinity Labs show a real scenario photo and it's computer generated equivalent from Cry Engine 2. Cry Engine 2 is the next generation grapics engine made by Ubisoft, the company behind FarCry and many other hits.

We numbered the photos and leave it to you to guess which one is the real one and which is the computer generated one. Answers at the bottom.
-- Real or Computer Generated? ( digg it )

I wonder ... when game developers finally achieve photorealism in a three dimensional game ... are they just going to have a big party or something? It's been such an ardent goal for so long. Maybe once they achieve that, they'll start worrying about the storylines.

Man, I am snarky this morning. Snnnaaaaarky.

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Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

It would be nice if they did reach their Holy Grail of photorealism so they could get back to making games.

Of course the most ridiculous thing about photorealism is how many people could actually run it at a decent framerate. It's this continual focus on features rather than performance that keeps the PC gaming market in its little niche.

I think the truth is that it's easier to draw pretty pictures than design a good game.

Josh said...

I completely agree. In some ways I think we've left behind lost lessons by blowing through iterations of game features so quickly. There might be things 2D games can still teach the 3D set, we're they not so quickly antiquated.