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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chris Morris Rambles About Snow and ... stuff

The common wisdom of the week is that Take Two has decided to cancel Snow, which sounded like a cel-shaded rendition of the classic Drug Wars if anything else, because it's decided to try and lower it's profile somewhat. Chris Morris over at CNN hints to this himself and like any other mainstream journalist, can't resist kicking Take Two over Hot Coffee yet again, stating that they "probably got off easier than it should have" ... despite a 40% drop in stock price.

He then goes on to defend the Oblivion from it's re-rating in that it's nudity was well, stretched thin:

...wireframe models (which determine body shape) and 'skins' which are stretched over those models. The nudity in "Oblivion" basically came by stretching a renamed version of the male 'skin' over the female model, which was only possible by using a modification created by a player (presumably a particularly lonely one). That's a bit of an oversimplification, but even the technical version is hardly the stuff of scandal. Still, because of Take Two's history, it was enough.

Ah right. Take Two's still the bad guy. Even when it's not their game on the table. Seriously ... at times I wonder whose dog Take Two killed.

Dog or no dog, the ESRB shot itself in the foot with the Hot Coffee ruling will proceed to shoot more feet until it develops a stance on modified game content which makes any sense in the real world. As for Snow, I suppose it's possible Take Two decided to drop a title for fear of upcoming controversy. Except that to date, such controversy has only increased the sales of whatever game was being targeted and I certainly don't see them changing their stripes anytime soon. Maybe if they dropped Bully, I'd buy that they were falling to public opinion. But a game most people had barely seen or heard of? I have to kinda doubt it.

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