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Sunday, May 14, 2006

STOB 3: Corvus

I barely squeaked a victory out of Corvus in the latest of his Sprint Tournament Of Bloggers. He's actually been fairly modest about his skills as he was pretty able to fight back both my alt form and Shock attack (which for Sylux will heal during combat) ... which are two things I rely on heavily. It was 2-0 until I took a dive down an ice hole, making it 1-0 and I spent some time just trying to keep that from getting tied up.

I think I have to face Thomas again - which will likely prove somewhat daunting.

There might be enough people online later today to make a PUG (pick up game) happen. Sundays might be my best bet for a standing date to play Hunters. Unless I'm out of town (about once or so a month), I'm usually home Sun afternoons.

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Thomas said...

Hey, I'm looking forward to it.

Josh said...

As am I ... I'll just have to get some more practice with the maps beforehand :) Ice Hive proved interesting for C and myself, since neither of us really knew it all too well.