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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Doctor Who: Zombies, Aliens and Daleks

I've been faithfully catching the new (well, new here in America ... we're at least a season behind the Brits) Doctor Who on Sci Fi. Doctor Who has always had an amazingly unique slant on science fiction and it's great that it's being picked up again and done some justice.

Some of my early reservations were pretty unfounded. Billie Piper actually makes for a pretty amazing companion. She's an excellent balance to the Doctor's personality and a credit to the show. I was a little afraid that on occasion, the show might be a little too cheesy, but while some of the special effects might not be the most splendid ... it's never done a disservice to the show. The writing is an excellent modern parallel to the original serial format and the writers are doing an excellent job of maintaining themes consistent with the orginal. We just watched "The Empty Child" two parter, and it's great example of Doctor Who's ability to mix pulp sci fi with horror and a bit of comedy.

The nods to aspects of the show which have, over time, become icons of Doctor Who ... like:

"Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, 'I wish that could be more sonic'"

Brilliant. And the Dalek episode? Well, parts of it I thought were a little overdone, but it was largely a delight. I've only disliked one episode - "Father's Day" - but for the most part ... hurrah to the BBC for finally getting this franchise back on course.

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Duncan M said...

The only unfortunate thing about watching across the pond (as it were) is that the North American networks are not showing the companion series, Doctor Who Confidential. At least that I'm aware of. It is very interesting to watch an episode and then see a behind the scenes show. It also provides some history, some interesting side points, and is thoroughly British.

But that's what the internet is for ;-)

Josh said...

That's pretty cool. Might have to hunt down that on the net.

I might also go ahead and get the boxed set.

chpsauce said...

I'm a brit!
Just you wait till David Tennant is introduced, it just gets better and better!

Greg Tannahill said...

What the - American Doctor Who fan? Who -isn't- Swedish? They actually exist? Well, welcome aboard.

Myself, I loved Father's Day - probably the best mix of characterisation and plot in the season - more oof than Boom Town but more focus than the season openers or enders. But it seems to be a love it or hate it kind of episode. If you get the chance, pick up the Big Finish Doctor Who audio play that the Dalek episode was based on (it's called "Jubilee") as I think it is, if anything, better.