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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another PS3 thought...

If Sony wanted a low end version for easier adoption, why not drop the HD completely, keep the Wifi and Card Reader, make it HDMI via an adaptor and then drop the price to something more like $299 or $349?

As it is, the "low end" is still damn expensive and so won't attract anyone looking to save some cash. Who is out buying electronics at $500 a widget and thinking about saving cash? My guess is that as soon as the production lowers the cost for the PS3 a little, that "low end" version will go the way of the dodo.

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Jeff Freeman said...

> why not drop the HD completely


This puts developers or consumers in a very bad position - in terms of whether and how many games are developed which utilize the HD or not.

For developers in one case: a huge chunk of people can't play your game because they don't have a HD.

For consumers in the other: you bought a DD but hardly any games use it, because the aforementioned 'chunk' is too big - so you feel like it was wasted money.

Worst case is the delicate mix of both: so consumers that got the HD feel like it was mostly a waste of money; and consumers that didn't get it regret their purchase.

This is better.

Josh said...

Right, right - you enter that weird schism that the 360 has between high def data and not.

Well, I might also be premature in assuming that consumers couldn't piecemeal the options back in -- particularly HDMI and Wifi. I suppose with the HD the card readers are neat, but something of a luxury (I'd love to not have any mem cards for my PS2 if I could).