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Friday, May 12, 2006

Washington Post Says Wii "Steals Show"

new Wii video game console, considered the underdog in the console wars because it lacks the high-definition graphics and multimedia features of its rivals, is stealing the show at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show.

The wait to try out the Wii at E3 pushed past four hours on Thursday afternoon, while the wait for hands-on time with Sony Corp.'s (6758.T) PlayStation 3 was barely 30 minutes. Both consoles will hit the market later this year, though the Wii is expected to cost much less than rival consoles.
-- Nintendo's Wii steals show at expo

I think more than anything this might underscore one of the Wii's key strengths: quicker, cheaper development time. Nintendo is readying an excellent launch library for the Wii ... something which is pretty rare among consoles. If it goes to plan it will feature a mix of party, shooter and sports titles as well as classic franchises like a certain plumber. This is a far cry from the Nintendo 64 launch which basically just had Mario.

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