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Friday, May 12, 2006

Wii Is DVD Quality

Great article on N Seven about how all the crowing about HDTV and the fact that the Wii isn't following suit with it is really much ado about nothing:

One of the largest misconceptions about the Nintendo Wii is that games will look terrible due to the lack of high-definition television support. Other console makers have consistantly based their graphical superiority on the "HD" aspect of the output. However, despite the fact that Wii does not output an HD-quality image, it still displays an impressive picture exactly as good as a widescreen DVD.
-- Graphics on Nintendo Wii: As good as the very best of DVD (digg it)

It's fairly extensive and well worth the full read. Personally, I'm likely to be moving into a condo in the next few months and so any aspirations of getting an HD ready television this year (or possibly next) have probably evaporated. Maybe the rest of the world is shopping for HDMI cables, but I'll still be on S-Video for a while.

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