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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lost: No, Seriously ?

Jebus, where to start about last night's episode?

I guess the centerpiece is the revelation of the Pearl Station. Dr. Candle returns, but with a different name and the use of both limbs. The fact that he hasn't lost an arm makes me think that this tape might be earlier than the Swan video, before stuff started to go to hell. The fact that he is using a different name makes me think that the whole thing is completely dodgy and nobody is brought to the island with a full understanding of what is going on.

Clearly the mindgame aspect of the island just went up a couple of notches. Remember - even Pearl Station had a camera in it, so it's likely their behavior was just as monitored as the rest. There's some chatter on forums that different numbers were showing up on the logs, suggesting that perhaps each hatch has a different set of numbers assigned to it (and maybe why the numbers were printed on the Swan hatch). The numbers could, in theory, be a way the Others track potential recruits via remote viewing. Instead of look all around the globe, they find instances of certain number patterns and see who keeps showing up.

Claire's psychic shows up here as an admitted fake. Course, perhaps he had more to do with his daughter's resurrection than he cares to admit ... considering the odd healing abilities of the island. I'm betting he works for DHARMA off the island, helping ferry in potentials. It is, after all, his refusal of the "miracle" that gets Ecko on the plane. His daughter "seeing" his brother just links her to the island that much more.

But there is still the ... why? What's up with the Cult of Hanso? Let's say the button does nothing. So they track people all around the world and arrange to dump them all on the same beach to ... push a meaningless button? How very nihilistic. All we know for sure is that the hatchies are made to "believe they are doing something very important". Locke and Ecko are examples here ... Locke feels duped and wants to give up. Ecko is convinced the island is wildly important and wants to keep going. Service in the name of service, or something.

Next week, Michael's lies will likely catch up to him and we see more about how the Others actually operate. Also, a big bright light apparently shocks everyone. My wild guess? They witness another crash (shiny thing = plane going down). And it probably looks pretty revealing from the beach side of things.

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