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Monday, May 08, 2006

Business Meetings In Virtual Space

Chatsubo is a an island on Second Life for business meetings and part of that online world being developed specifically for corporate interests. This doesn't really seem too future tech to me, when I first started getting into web development I designed, but never got developed, an MUD style interface which would essentially be a virtual office place. I remember reading about people considering Quake mods to do essentially the same thing. Wasn't really feasible at the time, because nobody wants to get that removed from their normal groupware, but in this day and age of AJAX, simple IM, Skype and teleconferencing ... why not? I've had impromptu work meetings over IM in the past. It's not suitable for every kind of transaction, sure, but as long as nobody gets all in a fuss and goes fragging their boss ... why not?

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