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Friday, May 12, 2006

Spector Gives Indies "Ugly Truth"

A panel of independent developers delivered a sobering reality check to aspiring game creators at the E3 expo in Los Angeles on Wednesday, warning those who harbor dreams of producing a game with a small team and reaping hundreds of millions of dollars from a big deal with Electronic Arts.

“You have a zero percent chance of success,” said Warren Spector, a game industry veteran and the current president of Junction Point Studios, a company that develops games for consoles and PCs. “The barrier to entry in terms of cost, quality required, access to a market… forget it.”
-- Indie Game Devs: ‘Forget It’

It's important to note that Warren is speaking specifically here of jumping the gap from small indie title to massive big hair hollywood style game, not an indictment of indies as a whole. Not really surprising, all in all ... the biggest bridges for indies right now are the marketplaces Microsoft, Nintendo and perhaps Sony are laying out for the next generation to be online delivery systems for cheaper titles. It's not the same as producing Halo 3 perhaps, but it allows small teams to approach similar demographics as the big publishers.

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