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Monday, May 15, 2006

Da Vinci Code Finalist After All

Just got an email from Sony that I made it as one of the 10,000 Da Vinci Code Quest finalists after all. Odd, the communication up to now really sounded like I hadn't. Guess I've got something to do this weekend now.

Funny thing though - I'm still trying to do the math on whether winning would be a curse or blessing. Grand prize is just over $128k in various gifts ... all of which would get a pretty hefty tax form in the mail afterwards. Yeah, I know, that sounds horribly cynical ... but try freelancing in Illinois for more than year without thinking like that (or possibly anywhere for that matter).

Anyway, we shall see. I'll be interested to see how my earlier criticism that the puzzles weren't hard enough holds up. This is a timed test now, across what I'm assuming is a final version of all five types.

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