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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To AJAX Devs: Why The Safari Hate?

TUAW points out that Safari isn't welcome at Yahoo's new AJAX party. I use Safari pretty regularly, both at work and home. It's a robust standards-compliant browser that does what I need. On the PC I use FireFox (when not testing or the like), but I usually use Safari on the Mac.

I've gotten similar brush offs from other places. It rather worries me, actually. I started working webdev before Microsoft decided to "get back the Internet" by pouring millions into Internet Explorer and beat Netscape at it's own "extended standards" game. Since then, the net has taken a lot of sweat off it's brow to fix the mistakes of the past. CSS, real HTML compliancy, foregoing mainstream use of browser-specific functionality, etc. AJAX ... which isn't a specific technology in and of itself ... but a hodge podge of existing tech ... can easily play a part of this by helping create cross browser and cross platform functionality.

The only problem I've had with Safari is that on my aging Mac at work, it can't process clientside functions terribly fast. So animation routines, for instance, will go awry (and that goes for Flash too). Other than that, after 1.3, it's been able to keep up with IE and FireFox without any problems.

So I wonder what functionality Yahoo has put into it's new home page to possibly justify cutting it out of it's demographics?

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