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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How Old Is That Playstation 3 Controller?

Apparently the patent for the PS3 "tilt control" is from 1999. Honestly, this doesn't mean much more than Sony had considered such a design back then. According to the mumblevine, so did Microsoft and Logitech and probably a whole lot of people. There's also several reports that the new controller was thrusted upon developers weeks before the show.

So Sony, having already played with this in the past, guesses that the Wii is going to do a little scene stealing and so they dust it off and try and get a demo out of it. Unfortunately the real scene stealer of the show would be the PS3's price tag and nobody really cares that you can control a plane by moving your wrists instead of your thumb.

Nintendo has done a marvelous job of selling the Wii-mote's abilities. Sony needs to pony up and do the same if they want to shake this "wii too" image, no matter when they patented it.

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