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Monday, May 15, 2006

Q&A On Carmack's "Orcs & Elves"

My wife got me a new cell phone a year and a half ago, and it had some little Java games on it. When I played through them, I was almost morally indignant that someone would make these really awful games on this platform. Because I was looking at this and thinking, "There's more power in this handset than all of the early [personal-computer] games that we made back in the Commander Keen days. Why do these games suck so bad?"
-- John Carmack Cells It (digg it)

Well, it might not be the most ingenious title (then again ... was Dungeons & Dragons?), but Orcs & Elves could prove interesting. Course, the mobile version of Doom won't run on my 6230, so I'll probably never know...

Interview also includes the not so surprising confession of Carmack as Dungeon Master:

I would occasionally run Dungeons & Dragons games—I used to run them all the time, and I had this very large set of lore that would build up my worlds in the early days—but of course, for the last decade, I haven't been able to run those very often.

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