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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lost: Michael's A Jerk

Last night was a little anti-climatic, really. Most of the big points were fairly well assumed before going into the show. Michael's deal with the Others, Ecko's new obsession with the button ... even the "boat". Main points it seems were:

Michael's a jerk
Seriously, dude.

We get that you want your kid back. We all understand it must be anguishing to finally have that kid that you never saw and then lose it again. Really, it must be tough.

But to shoot two people and then be willing to sacrifice four of your fellow survivors into a trap that even Boy Wonder Robin could see a mile away? Bad show. Really bad show. The Girl and I couldn't stop commenting on how Mike's guilt could have been avoided by coming back to the camp and coming clean. It's interesting to note that he wasn't lying about his description of the camp, he just doesn't have the same info that Kate does about their real level of technology. So he probably does think they can be defeated.

He just prefers to screw over his friends. Jerk. I hope he's got "the sickness", otherwise he's just become my next pick for getting "kicked off".

What we have here is a failure to communicate...
Locke and Ecko find another hatch ... return ... and tell nobody.
Kate knows about the medical hatch but doesn't tell the whole story.
Michael knows there is a trap, but plays it "safe".
Virtually everyone has had bizarre hallucinations/events/sightings ... but almost always trys to hide it.

Before anyone goes trotting across the island, someone needs to start a town meeting or something.

The island is smaller than I thought
I had really thought the island had a lot of uncovered ground, but now I'm guessing not so much. The Others Camp seems to be on the other side of the island, and only a day or so walk. In a straight line, it seems like the farthest any one point is from the other is about two days?

What's with the blood?
They took Michael's blood. Was this to determine if he was "sick"? Or is it because Walt's got some interesting genetice properties?

Walt's a mutant
Ms Clue's (funny ha ha producers) questions about Walt were tre bizarre. Did he ever appear where he wasn't supposed to? When did he start talking? Is Walt some kind of "indigo child"? A special child meant to ward off the end of the world?

Hello, James Ford
OK, it's not that odd that they would know Sawyer's real name. But it does hint that perhaps these lists were compiled before the plane even crashed.

Is that Desmond's boat?
I had Desmond pegged as an Other, but that did look a little like a racing sailboat. I was really expecting something a little more exciting. The Girl pointed out that unless one of them is an experienced sailor, it's going to be hard to use that to escape. Maybe this is why Desmond returns? I still think he's working for the other side though.

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Finster said...

Another one of those excellent episodes that reveals much, but leaves you knowing less than you did before.

And yes, Michael is a big fat jerk. I can't wait to see Sayid's Gambit. Should be a good showdown!

Josh said...

I'm assuming Sayid will be providing our plot twist about half way through next week's 2-hour episode.

I'm also assuming that Michael will have a new home after this is over and done.