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Friday, May 19, 2006

Google Da Vinci Code Quest Spoiled (already)

Mere hours after Google released the final puzzles to their Da Vinci Code Quest, there are already screengrabs and solutions available on the net. I won't link to them here, but I'm sure followers of the puzzles will be able to find them pretty easily.

A shame, it was a pretty good concept gone awry first because of some of the marketing involved (insisting on movie related solutions/answers) and now because the final puzzles are apparently the same for everyone. Once a few people have solved the puzzle, they can post the answers for others to follow. So people who complete the puzzle later will have the benefit of being able to read up on the answers.

Ironic that Google, of all companies, is being defeated by the Internet.

Also funny is that I got the impression that the challenge had been altered to accomodate fairness. Originally, it seemed, the cryptex would be a key part of accessing the final puzzles. I'm guessing that was ditched for fear that not every contestant would receive the cryptex in time (insert UPS commercial here). Well, funny sad, I guess. Not funny ha ha.

Anyway, I do look forward to Wei-Hwa's continued puzzles on the 26th (when the grand winner will be announced, I think). Great contests are sometimes ruined by prizes.

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Josh said...

Huh, now I'm reading that maybe there are variations out there? Hard to tell. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Josh said...

Having taken them now I can definately confirm the spoilers are spot on.