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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sega Handheld?

This isn't the first time I have seen this particular rumor that Sega is releasing a handheld codenamed "Hedgehog" (Tech Ticker Blog), but it is the first time it's been accompanied by a sketch drawing. I gotta say - I doubt it. Sega took a huge wash in the hardware industry with the Dreamcast and handhelds are a difficult market. If you aren't Sony, Microsoft or absolutely genius, you'll have a hard time competing with Nintendo's space.

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kiyote23 said...

I dunno. Did you notice the touchpad, and the extended hand grips along the sides. It looks more ergonomic than the DS. Less hand-cramping, more fragging.

Sega recently started selling refurbished Dreamcasts again, due to some really weird Japanese law that would have made it illegal to resale the old Dreamcasts without having them be "certified," or something, which prompted a lot of rumors that they were entering the hardware arena again, which they denied.

But I noticed that the cartridges seem to be USB drives. If you were going to re-enter the market, a handheld might be the way to go.

Josh said...

I thought the USB thing was a little odd. Assuming there's any credibility to the drawing, it might be for storage or peripherals or both I guess.

It does look like a good design, but Sony's sunk a boatload of money into the PSP and has barely managed to keep an even keel with Nintendo. Most just lose their shirt and walk away.