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Monday, April 10, 2006

Nothing To See Here

I put this within the comments on the "Oblivion AO" post, but I thought I should make a call out to Jeff's reaction to the Oblivion topless mod:

…the truth is that it’s fairly typical for any game with customizable wearables to start with a bare-skin model. Then you add clothes to that. This is so you can add clothing that would otherwise reveal bits of underwear sticking out in odd places, if the underwear were “built into” to the model.

But it’s not a “nude” model, any more than a Barbie Doll with no clothes on is a “Nude Doll”.

So stop it, already.
-- Oblivion "nude" mod

I had merely assumed that the skins in question were at least moderately pornographic. If not, if it's just as exciting as seeing a Sim nude (without any third party addons, of course) ... then consider it stopped.

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