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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogged Out Features "We Make Money Not Art"

...and comes out with plenty to say about art and gaming:

Debatty is extremely well travelled, and regularly reports on design events from across the world (particularly non-English speaking Europe) that might not otherwise get a whole lot of press. One such event was 2006's Game Set Match at Delft University of Technology in Holland, under the header of which Debatty reports on some other events taking place in the Netherlands, before taking her cue from Game Set Match's curator Annet Dekker and reporting what games can learn from installation art:

"Where in a game, the player needs a lot of concentration to get detached from the real world, in installation art, the player is immediately immersed in a different world. An environment is laid down that make new interaction models emerge in the virtual and the physical space, an environment designed by artists that reveals the new art of gaming."
-- Blogged Out: We Make Money Not Murder

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