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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Game Chair Demands Better 360 Split Screen

Jake of The Game Chair takes a look at the 360's Non-Live multiplayer offerings and hopes it's not a trend:

Lets take a brief look at the 360’s gaming landscape. Four player support has run the gamut from shoddy, (Perfect Dark Zero) cheating (Dead or Alive’s tag team four player or Burnout Revenge’s round robin four player) to non-existent (practically every other 360 game). System link play also hasn’t been a solution because it has only supported one player per Xbox 360 on the vast majority of games. Backwards compatibility? No go there either. Halo 2’s backwards compatible framerates collapse in flames when four player split screen is activated. Also, even two player split screen modes have been largely ignored by 360 titles, often missing large chunks of gameplay available on Xbox live.

Microsoft has been leaning heavily on the crutch of Xbox live for its multiplayer support and pushing its developers to do the same. Meanwhile, gamers around the world are frantically reconnecting their GameCubes and original Xbox’s for some real multiplayer gaming; you know the kind where you can punch the guy/gal who just owned you.
-- Microsoft, where’s my split screen gaming?

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