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Monday, April 10, 2006

Glory Be The Shooter

Wired is throwing some praise for the often uber-violent first person shooter genre:

And it suddenly hit me that I was spending a Friday night doing inventory management. Last time I checked, I get enough bean counting at my day job; do I really need to spend my weekends pondering whether I should carry an extra set of warhammers just in case I run into a merchant who might be able to buy them off me? Sure, I enjoy having a virtual life -- but as a virtual accountant?

Yeah, no.

Moments like that make me re-appreciate the true value of a good first-person shooter: its raw, modernist simplicity. Like a cool, refreshing glass of water on a smog-choked summer day, a shooter cuts through the fog of everyday life.
-- The Glory of the Shooter

Gotta completely agree. Sometimes I like complexity and strategy. Sometimes I like the nuances.

Sometimes I just want to mash things.

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