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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Are We Generation G?

Seems like there are more generations than we have decades to fit them into these days, but "Generation G" is starting to gel. Course, it's got a lot of gamer shame to get around ... so I'm getting mixed messages on whether I should start putting my high scores on my resume. Patty Sebold of the Outside Innovation blog does a review of how Gen G might work, including a quote from Erin Biba on the characterstics of a GenG'r:

"1. Arrogance: Killing the bad guys and saving the universe leads to a superiority complex...Gamers as young as 20 often claim to be experts at whatever they do.

2. Sociability: The more a gamer plays, the more likely they are to identify themselves as sociable.

3. Coordination: A study by the University of Rochester found that visual processing dramatically increases with as little as 10 hours of gameplay.

4. Flexibility: Gamers try different methods with tireless persistence. They tackle life's problems with the same flexibility. This allows for analytical, strategic, and open-minded thinking.

5. Competitiveness: Even though gamers often succeed at teamwork, they retain a strong, underlying sense of personal ambition.

6. Insubordination: Logging thousands of hours in authority-free worlds teaches gamers to live by their own rules. Gen G accepts criticism exclusively from peers."
-- What Behaviors To Expect From The G Generation?

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