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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Odd Bloggery

Following Acid For Blood, Lowspec take aim at how Kotaku and 1UP handled coverage largely based on this Gamers With Jobs Press Pass interview. Note:

Note that in the 1up article Smith doesn’t bother linking to or acknowledging the Press Pass article, let alone the sources of the original concerns. He doesn’t mention the fact that Bethesda commented on the issue, or include any of Bethesda’s explanations. Instead, Smith constructs a relatively slapdash response to Kotaku’s sarcasm that doesn’t fully take into account the game’s range of stats and the implications they have for both genders.
-- Recycling the News

Emphasis mine. After reading about some of the conflict between large gadget blogs and their smaller counterparts, it makes you wonder just how the mainstream blogs are starting to evolve. I've stopped reading sites like IGN and Gamespy for news because they don't offer much in the way of information aside from reviews and interviews, which can be gleaned on a need-to-research-that-title type basis. I prefer blogs because they frequently offer more personalized and rational opinions on topics, even if they're not always the first ones out of the gate. I've stopped forum browsing completely because I got sick of the knee-jerk "OMG THE PSP IS DOOMED" style of reporting (so named after a certain website declared the PSP a failure prior to it's opening).

Thankfully, it's a wide and deep net out there. I say always keep looking for the kind of "reporting" which suits you best.

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