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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The "Xbox" Murders


Prosecutors allege Troy Victorino, 29, Robert Cannon and Michael Salas, both 20, and Jerone Hunter, 19, organized the attack to retrieve an Xbox video game system that Victorino lost when he was kicked out of a different house in Deltona.

The victims, some of whom were sleeping, did not resist or try to escape the attack, investigators said.
-- Trial of alleged Xbox slayings to begin

I love how the media sometimes doesn't even try to make sense. If all these psychotics wanted was their Xbox back, they clearly didn't need to kill six people, and if I recall correctly - a dog, in order to do it. The first paragraph and the second simply contradict each other. Yeah, Victorino might have been pissed about losing his Xbox. But he and his psycho pals went there to kill people. But why pass up the attempt to connect violent crime to video games some more?

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