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Friday, April 14, 2006

Television Missing the ARG ... by this much

Watching the old idiot box last night brought up an interesting trend ... shows trying to tie-in their websites by pointing to interactive content. For instance, CSI fans can check out this diner for clues about the final two episodes (and yes, I recognize the painting). Smallvile viewers can check out Project Mercury to catch up on the hunt for Dr. "Brainiac" Fine.

While somewhat interesting ... neither really rise up to the level of a real Alternate Reality Game. The CSI flash barely even rises to the level of game, being mostly a fancy zoom feature. The Mercury Blog seems like it could be closer to the real thing, but I'm guessing it's mostly just an "additional information" and not even a Jamie Kane style casual ARG, with mini-games and chatterbots to keep people occupied.

A shame, because both could be fun little mini-ARGs, if the television industry would just catch up with the times.

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Jeffool said...

A character for the NBC show 'Crossing Jordan' has a blog as well.

It's sometimes mentioned on the show and started with something of an ARG, if you want to call it that. The show had tiny nods that helped you figure out who the murderer was in a case he regularly blogged about. Now it seems to be just an in-character blog.

Tony Walsh said...

*cough* ReGenesis *cough*

Now in its second season.

Josh said...

ReGenesis looks pretty solid, I vaguely remember it coming out. I need a couple more hours of free time a day to catch up on this kind of stuff...