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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More On Games Corrupting Your Children

Technology News has another story on that study about how video games will cause you to eat poorly, sleep in late and kick puppies ... or as politicians will put it, "increase violent crime". In a completely accidental way, it seems to cut into the thick of this issue. It starts with:

"I find some of the games out there personally shocking. If you've ever seen 'Grand Theft Auto,' there's adult-oriented material on there and a lot of violence. I don't know what psychological affect it has on kids, but there certainly are more adult-themed games out there," Brian O'Rourke, a senior analyst at In-Stat, told TechNewsWorld.
-- Video Game Study Reinforces Negative Impact on Youth

Here's what's funny: In-Stat is a tech research company and doesn't have nothing to do with anything about this story. But it's important for the reader to know that they find GTA personally shocking. Personally shocking.

And that's what a lot of this comes down to. There isn't any proof that video games will increase crime or do anything but become a bad behavior. But some people are just shocked that not everything is Zelda and Asteroids anymore and by gum, they can't shut up about it.

Because while that quote is in bold at the top of the page, the fact that all of this is getting (expensively) laughed out of court is relegated to about one sentence.

Games have grown up. Get over it.

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