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Monday, April 10, 2006

Odd Bloggery

I must have completely missed this brouhaha with OhGizmo!, DAPReview and Engadget. Short version: showed that Engadget lifted their story while removing credit and OhGizmo! had suspicions that they've done the same thing to them. Engadget claims that cropping a photo and editing out references to the source site was "an honest mistake".

What's odd, is that I've had similar things happen. Little stuff, but occasionally I've found something very randomly via Google or eBay and tossed it on here and had it mysteriously show up a few hours later on one of those "big" blogs without any mention if where it came from.

Seriously, I don't really care. I've gotten credit plenty of times from even those same sites. I'm not here for the traffic. Not trying to increase ad revenues (remember, I put ads for a while because I thought they were funny) ... I'm just here because writing helps me think and to try an maintain enough of a crowd to have the occasional discussion with.

In the few times it's happened, I assume it probably could have been an honest mistake. The only thing that annoys is that if the blog culpable of it is a pro blog ... if someone is being paid money for it ... they shouldn't be so sloppy. I'm not one of these people who entertains the notion that I'm a journalist or proto-journalist or whatever just because I blog. Some out there are journalists, or trying to be, though ... and if you can't cite sources accurately ... get thee back to journalism class.

So, basically, I don't care. But those who read this blog for potential material for their own ... you should know. I keep very accurate logs of who stops by and read them frequently. So it's not like I won't notice.


jvm said...

Yo, this is typical of my IP address. Check your logs. ;^)

Josh said...

And how is the great state of Tennessee this time of year? :P

jvm said...

Fair to middlin'. So far, dodged all the twisters, which I count as good. On the other hand, won't have much time to enjoy the otherwise pleasant weather for another few weeks.

Thanks for askin'. :^)