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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yo-Yo / Tamagotchi Hybrid

The yo-yos are equipped with a small LCD screen and red, yellow or blue LEDs that flash as you spin it. When you first start playing with the yo-yo your warrior is ‘born’ and as you continue to spin it you’ll slowly charge your warrior’s skills. When sufficiently charged (you’ll know thanks to built-in sound effects) you’ll be able to play one of 7 different games VIA the LCD screen. You can even battle with another Kodai yo-yo wirelessly over infra-red.
-- Kodai Djinns - The Yo-yo Meets Tamagotchi (OhGizmo!)

Nifty. You can get two for $50 and start battling right away. Hopefully the yo-yo won't randomly whine at you if you stop playing with it for a week. That would get creepy.

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