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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Game Play: Phoenix Wright

I finally got around to playing this last week. I'm rather glad it came shortly after I abandoned Hotel Dusk to whatever strange little fate lay for that delivery guy. It's almost like someone realized all the things that annoyed me about that game and fixed them. The basic format of the two games are actually remarkably similar, but Wright is far less frustrating. The interface is straightforward and the puzzles are mostly based strictly on reading and logic - not trying to figure out what some unknown game designer thought you were supposed to do with a pen.

Even though this is exactly the kind of title I would just rent, I went ahead and bought so that I could take loads of time finishing the game.


Unknown said...

Finished 2 cases and started a third. Felt sleepy every time I thought about picking it back up, so I sent it back to my brother.

Ultimately, boring tripe.

Josh said...

Boring because it gets repetitive? I'm finding the cases somewhat drawn out, but that's only really a hindrance to trying to finish it quickly.

I will say I'm not exactly finding the stories gripping or anything, but that was certainly true of Hotel Dusk as well.

Unknown said...

Boring because I just didn't give a damn after a while. If you're just playing to see the next case, see the next's not worth it.