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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

War In The Internet

Alice has reports from the front of an insidious, invisible cyber war:

A war is being waged online, it is being waged on and for your computers, and it is being paid for by spammers. These groups create huge botnets by sending out email worms, they then lease time on these botnets to spammers, who do their thing and spam the rest of us. Now, each of these groups want to own it all, and the attacks are increasing, remember the Storm Worm? This is a video showing how fast the Storm Worm spread.
-- The Internet Battlefield [RealTechNews]

On one hand it's a grim and awful picture. I lost a whole domain and an age-old email address under the weight of spam. Lawmakers can barely understand the "intertubes" much less defend the citizenry from this kind of plague.

On the other - it would make a great game. Somewhere inbetween GalCon and Uplink.

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