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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lost: Greatest Hits

So this was primarily a bridge episode - a lot of events strung out to lay the foundation for the finale. As Lost episodes go, though, this was a pretty good bridge episode. The best part of the writing here was keeping Charlie's flashbacks to tight, precise moments that made up his "greatest hits". It is the beginning of a very tight swan song (if you will) for his character.

Although a couple people I've talked to today found it odd Desmond was absent in Charlie's flashback.

Let's go to the tape.

Getting rescued?
Shortly into the episde we get Desmond's description of his vision ... where Aaron and Claire are airlifted off the island. We know the show has three short seasons left so the big question after this episode is ... could any of them get off the island before the show is finished?

Certainly. We've already seen the outside world. The outside world has now parachuted it's way onto the island. Whatever was being done to keep this little island isolated is collapsing. The Hostile's revolution of the DHARMA initiative is ending. Of course, we can't have everyone leave next week or they'd be little show left. The writers, however, might have a vested interest in clearing out some of the characters, however. We've seen this season that the main backstories are getting a bit dull. Simply transplanting new characters, a la Nikki, does not work. They can't simply add - they'll need to subtract as well. Instead of killing everyone off, some people might find freedom - a la Michael and Walt.

Although like most people, I'm not satisified with Michael's fate until we see him again. If everyone thinks the Losties are dead, Michael's emergence into the outside world must not have made much of a splash.

Crazy, Angry Ben
I really hope next season clarifies some of the nature of the Hostiles and why they are so ... well, hostile. Heck, I almost thought Ben was going to shoot Alex this episode. I wouldn't assume the absence of Locke this episode means Ben actually killed him - I assume his arrival is being held for shock value later.

Seriously, though - how hypocritical can Ben get? He betrays his own people because "they couldn't even get along with the natives" and now he's planning a mass murder?

Amazon Women Under The Sea
There's a bit of a question as to whether Juliet was being honest when she thought Looking Glass was flooded - though I'm willing to believe her. Not like Ben couldn't have lied to her about it. It's certainly more plausible than Charlie navigating a flooded hatch while holding his breath, looking for a single switch he's never actually seen. Still, it's curious that it is beein manned by hostiles, although Ben could have foreseen the Losties trying to access it and wanted it guarded.

Did Sayid get those blueprints from the Flame folders? What else does he have?

Looking Glass
Does the name "The Looking Glass" seem a bit odd for a jamming station to anyone else? I suppose a "mirror" would reflect back signals, so it makes a little sense. Still, it seems a pretty overt Wonderland reference to make for such a narrow function. And why would you place a jamming station underwater? Keep it a secret, I suppose, but it seems like you've made your task harder by submerging everything. Best guess is that the hatch is more central to the island's nature than we're being lead to believe.

Guesses, guesses
I think Charlie is going to bite the dust. I wouldn't hold my breath for Bernard's survival either - Rose might as well have been suiting him up for a red shirt as "something darker". Still, it was great to see them. I'm beginning to think Sun might be safe until we see more about her pregnancy and/or she fesses up to Jin about what she's done.

The more I think about it, Naomi is sure survivor. She's ripe for flashback material next season.

Claire, Aaron and Desmond might get rescued. Or Des's vision might be farther away than he thinks...

1 comment:

Troy Goodfellow said...

As soon as I saw Bernard and Rose, I thought one of them would be offed. When Bernard said he would be one of the shooters, I knew it. No way you can re-introduce characters after a season and not kill them.

I wonder about the Hostiles/Others/Dharma and how they seen Ben at this point. Rich looks concerned every time they speak. What is his hold on this group?