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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heroes: Landslide

What's impressing me about Heroes is that they've managed to put all their pieces on the playing board, make the story flow smoothly, everything is making sense - and they still find opportunity for a little angst and emotion. I had wondered if the "tracking device" Glasses Dad was searching for wouldn't turn out to be "tracking girl" Indian Doctor was trying to cure. I mean, how many similar objects can you have in the same plot - so not really a Sherlockian deduction.

The Girl brought up an interesting point though - did Indian Doctor's sister provide Indian Doctor's dad with parts of "the list"? Does this power cause this unique illness? Is there some dialogue I'm forgetting here?

I wasn't a huge fan of Time Otaku's training montage. I mean, I get that Sulu is a badass and all - but he learns how to be an expert swordsman in an hour? It's not quite as much of a stretch as Invisible Doctor Who being able to train Absorbing Little Brother to use any power in the universe within minutes ... but it's pretty close. Still, if you spin it that Sulu was just giving Time Otaku the confidence he needed, then fine.

I love the Illusionary Hot Chick might not be a hot chick at all. It's actually pretty brilliant character development. Who wouldn't use such a power to hide behind a beautiful mirage? Course we know from the future episode that Incredibly Evil Watchmaker will run into her at some point, though we aren't sure when.

And I was a little sad to see Malcolm McDowell get the rear delivery brain operation. He was a pretty interesting villain and always fun to watch.

I'm guessing next week Sylar will get his due. Next season might focus on the "generation past" and all the little details we don't know about the origins of these powers.


Winkyboy said...

Actually, we don't know for sure, any more whether Sylar runs into the Illusionist Gal (Guy, maybe?) We know that in one future he did, but that may or may not change. In that future, Sylar also took out DL and Nathan, but we don't know for sure whether they're going down, either.

I hope they do finish up the Sylar storyline, even though he IS one of the creepiest, most evil badguys I've seen in a long time. I think the storylines shown so far are proof positive they can write us up some new, equally-enticing storylines, and I believe that's what they hinted at, when they said that seasons 1 and 2 probably wouldn't have many characters in common.

Josh said...

Sylar started to win me over about the same time the writing in general did - no coincidence I assume. For a while there I preferred him as a kind of bogeyman because at time he just didn't seem be the sum total of his parts.

Now he's pretty good - but he is being brilliantly acted which sells it oh, oh so well.

The only reason I'd assume Sylar and Illusion Person (excellent point) would meet up is that she would seem to be a vital part of his vision to becoming President.

Course, plenty has already changed and he might simply not get the chance (DL already seems unlikely, for instance). Heck, in this timeline Ando might actually kill Sylar. We're getting to the point where Isaac's drawings are becoming irrelevant.

Starting a bit fresh with a new season feels really smart, because it would keep the storylines interesting as opposed to dangling (hello, Lost). If Season 2 begins as Season 1 seems like it would be ending ... well, that would be grand.