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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sony Plans To Ship 11 Million PlayStation 3's

Tokyo - Sony said on Wednesday that it aims to ship 11m PlayStation 3s worldwide this year, ramping up competition against its rivals after missing its recent targets.

Sony shipped 5.5m PS3 consoles in the year to March, below its target for 6m due to production problems with its high-definition DVD player that gave rivals Nintendo and Microsoft an early lead in the console war.

Sony said it expects losses in its game division to narrow this year after swallowing the huge start-up costs of the console.

"Although it seems to be difficult to fully turn around the performance at the game division in the current fiscal year, increased sales of the PS3 should help narrow losses here notably," chief financial officer Nobuyuki Oneda said.

The electronics giant is aiming to increase sales of the PS3 in Japan, the US and Europe, although Oneda admitted that rival Nintendo's Wii console continues to eat into its market share.
-- Sony plans to ship 11m PS3s

Note they say ship and not sell. Also, I don't entirely buy that the half million unit undersell was the product of supply shrinking because while I think the shelf theory is a poor indicator of demand, it's not the worst indicator of supply. If your product is abundant in stores, you can't be having too many supply chain problems.

Sony still has to get on the stick, so to speak, this year. The summer is approaching fast and they'll need more than a few Home trailers to sell the units they want.

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