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Friday, February 02, 2007

The LED Boston Scare

Apparently this is fear of technology week:

Phil Kent, Turner’s chairman and CEO, made the apology in full-page ads in Boston newspapers for “the confusion and inconvenience” caused as highways, bridges and river traffic were shut down in several areas while police checked out the signs, some of which had protruding wires.
-- Turner CEO apologizes for Boston scare [MSNBC]

Emphasis mine. Interestingly Chicago found about twenty of these LED ads and took them down to avoid a similar scare. However, no charges will be filed. The city might seek compensation for taking them down - but I'm guessing that number would be far less than Boston's figures ... which including detonating one of them just to be safe.

These LED ads are of course the Adult Swim ones, if you haven't seen them yet. They were deemed scary by the city of Boston because they had batteries and wires. Next, they'll be exploding the wall clock near you.

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