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Monday, January 29, 2007

Dev Diary: Dreadnought Design Doc

I swear I wasn't trying for alliteration there.

The roguelike's official name (for now) is hereby Dreadnought. I have a backstory to fit into it. Actually, I had two - but the first one was very deep and complex ... and would have required a deep and complex game to go with it. So maybe that will be the next project, but to start I need to think simple and keep things simple.

I've published a new design doc which goes over the current mechanics I'm considering. The backstory isn't there because I think it will be more entertaining if you are completely unfamiliar with it the first time you play (also, better for testing).

I was close to finishing the combat loop over the weekend. Next will be the experience/skill system (which, if you read the doc, are pretty much the same thing) and then crafting. I can't really give an honest timeline here - I'm basically whistling in the dark half the time.

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