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Sunday, January 28, 2007

DVD Watch: Feast

Feast was the latest, and potentially the last Project Greenlight film. I've never seen the show itself, but I remember Project Greenlight as a chance to read some just truly dreadful screenplays. According the disc jacket from Netflix - director Gulager's "interpersonal problems" hindered the production. That, though, just sounds like every other reality tv program I've ever seen.

The movie's plot is essentially an updated and highly modified version of Night Of The Living Dead with a bit of Aliens and every B-movie gorefest shown late at night. Instead of zombies we have some pretty hideous monsters who are smart, have fingers like ginsu knives and can occasionally spew acidic, maggot infested goo.

Yeah, this is not one for the kiddies.

Feast manages a kind of brilliance simply because it walks a narrow line between outright horror and outright comedy. The humor is completely internal and never takes away from the fear. It's not humor for comedic relief - or at least any relief is extremely short lived. There's some real originality here - nothing really works out quite the way you expect and in the long run the movie exists as other great horror films have - an exercise in pure chaos.

Apparently the Project Greenlight show itself hasn't had the numbers to guarantee its future. A shame - as this film stands a sample of the project is really capable of accomplishing.

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