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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Game Night: Munchkin

A semi-official game night has been kicked off with my circle of friends. Most of us used to LAN together when we shared an office - but now don't really get the chance. In fact, most of our communal gaming was coming down to the occasional Dave & Buster runs and I think a lot of the was pool. So Game Night was born. And it's amazing what a great LAN a table can make.

Munchkin is a Steve Jackson card game which parodies fantasy role playing. Steve Jackson has always been a fan of mine - Car Wars and Toon were early favorites. Munchkin proves his studio is still great - it's simple chaotic fun. You can almost feel the game shift from early friendly alliances and offers of trade to the pile-on backstabbing involved in keeping anyone from actually winning.

We had eight people - it's supposed to max at six but we also had an expansion deck - and the end game can easily take an hour or so. I think the whole game took about four hours or so. It was a great start because the game takes about ten minutes to learn, allows for a lot of social interaction and is fun (and funny) as hell.

Highly recommended if you're trying to get your friends around a table.

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