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Monday, January 29, 2007

Slamdance II: Electric Boogaloo

Not the best title - but I can't resist that joke when I can make it. Also, corrected the earlier post which referred to Sundance instead. I blame the drugs.

Kotaku's main man Crecente calls into question Baxter's reasoning as well - although more specifically Brian questions the excuses Baxter has given for pulling Super Columbine RPG in the first place. First - it was a sponsor or sponsors ... but nobody said what sponsor was involved. He apparently told Brian directly that it was personal concerns with the game. In the NYT article, he blames pretty much everyone including lawyers and mutant rats. OK, not mutant rats ... and Crecente calls shenanigans on the claims of a lawsuit or anything involving the victims of Columbine making a case.

The point is this - Baxter's actions essentially ripped the Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition in two, sidestepped an entire jury panel, and later pulled rank on documentary judges as well.

Can't we at least get a solid, reasonable, explanation for what the root cause of all this panic was? Was it really a sponsor getting cold feet or simply Baxter himself? If it's the latter - what does that say about the credibility of the contest?

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