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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wonderful Newsgroup Logic

I've been lurking on a few newsgroups lately. Google Groups, for the record, rocks. The interface is so much more powerful now and since I can create an RSS feed for any group I want - it makes things just that much easier. However I'm quickly reminded why I don't actively participate in them much anymore.

A flame ... spat? It's not really a war. A flame spat has sparked up. All it took was one of my favorite kinds of netizens - the kind who actually think positing an open question to a forum is more efficient than just googling. I hardly need to critique his logic here - the ensuing comment trail have pretty much done that for me.

Down the way though, one of the many detractors defends the harsher than "RTFF" (Read The Fraking FAQ) tone as simply pre-emptive. If they are rude to the rude person - the next person might think twice. In other words, the next person who won't be bothered to search the newsgroup before asking a question will somehow mysteriously stumble on the flame spat instead and then go on the non-existent search. Or something.

Whatever. The whole thing really just best serves as an example as to why I mostly just lurk these days.

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