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Friday, September 01, 2006

Zombie City Tactics

Anyhow, IC regular Professor Scissors has posted the full version of Zombie City Tactics, his game which he describes as "a turn-based strategy game about outsmarting and defeating massively superior enemy forces... perhaps!" Sure, the art is a little programmer-y, but the gameplay is entirely present and correct, so you should check it out.
-- Insert Credit on Zombie City Tactics

Sounds pretty brilliant to me ... if I ever get the Windows box running again I might give it a whirl. I'd much rather see more games like this than yet-another-real-time-strategy-but-this-time-we-brought-God (should such a thing exist....).

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Patrick said...

Its fun, though I really would like a psychological game involving characters and direct epidemeology, where you can not only lose your team but have them turn against you.

Those goddamn fast zombies.

Josh said...

Ah, a man after my own heart. My favorite game type that I did for Unreal was Containment:

While the Sangwyr would constantly arrive, it was also dangerous to be around anyone attack.

Turn based version would rock. Like those damn Chrysalids of X-Com.