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Monday, August 28, 2006

Cold Beer

During one of the many cross-town trips The Girl and I have had since the beginning of The Move, we stopped by Sam's Winery for whiskey and beer. The Girl discovered she actually liked Three Floyd's Gumballhead, but when I went to the shelf I was surprised to find it .... cold.

Now I've always thought that once cold, beer should be kept cold. According to the experts, it won't hurt beer much to be shifted from cold to warm and back to cold. Light and extended exposure to temperatures (particularly above room temperature) can respectively "skunk" or stale beer flavor, however. And sure enough, last night the Gumballhead just tasted a bit off ... it's normally a dry wheat with an almost spicy taste ... but this was flat and a bit sharp.

So I'm not sure what they've been doing with their beer, but we'll head back to Binney's for a while.

While researching this very important topic, I stumbled on this great list of beer cozies, including the feature Lego cozy. So when you've got to keep you beer cool, don't be afraid to use common household items...

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