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Monday, August 28, 2006

Snopes Examines The Madden Curse

Legend:   Players whose pictures grace the covers of Madden NFL video games are doomed by a curse to injury or subsequent obscurity.

Origins:   We often use superstition to help us understand unusual patterns that have no logical explanation, and to help us assert some feeling of regulation over phenomena we cannot control. Not surprisingly, superstition is something we see regularly in the world of sports — how else to explain why a few teams come up short of winning championships for decades on end, why some players suddenly experience precipitous drop-offs in performance, or why a particularly good player makes the bad play that end his team's championship hopes? With the application of superstition, all is explainable; we can attribute these kinds of events to factors such as "the Curse of the Bambino," the "sophomore jinx," or a player's unwise decision to wear a jersey bearing the number 13.
-- Urban Legends Reference Pages: The Madden Curse

The whole article gives a blow by blow of the recent Madden games and their victims.

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