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Monday, August 28, 2006

Once More With Randolph Carter

I think I will try and polish Randolph Carter and submit it to Slamdance. To be honest, I'm not entirely thrilled with the outcome - although it accomplishes some groundwork that could prove vital. I've got two other textual projects I'm at least contemplating at this point. Both would actually move away from Carter's "highlighted text" design and go into something more card-like in an interface, although there might be more similarity than that sounds.

So if anyone wants to try it out again and offer more feedback, it's at:

There will probably be a redesign from the drab HTML, updated docs and possibly a couple story tweaks at the very least.

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Clamatius said...

It's me again.

outline of a few object -> outline of a few objects

esophogus -> esophagus

Josh said...

You complete me.

Clamatius said...

This time I cut to the chase and looked at your source code & text resources.

If you're using American spellings, it's usually "gray" not "grey".

privvy -> privy

feint -> faint

non-chalantly -> nonchalantly

seperated -> separated

It's tone and -> Its tone and

bural -> burial

sepuchler -> sepulcher

in form or another -> in one form or another

does still breath -> does still breathe

reciever -> receiver

tumbles it's way -> tumbles its way

stop it's descent -> stop its descent

it's illumination -> its illumination

eyes to growing -> eyes to the growing

to insure that -> to ensure that

trussles -> trusses

in it's own -> in its own

share it's beliefs -> share its beliefs

off of the alter -> off the altar

you breath the -> you breathe the

Josh said...

You're seriously too good to me. I'll try and find some time to get this updated this weekend, possibly along with a visual redesign.