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Thursday, August 31, 2006

DVD Watch: Negadon, The Monster From Mars

I covered Negadon briefly with a previous For Sunday post. Well, last week Netflix delivered it upon us and I steathily jammed into into the DVD (She's been a bit tortured by Destroyed All Monsters I fear ... completely not my fault ... of course).

Short synopsis: Negadon is a short CG film dripping with homage and nostalgia of the great latex monster movies of old. How well does it work? Well, like any good homage - as well as you loved the originals. It doesn't skip any beat - from the ridiculously simple setup (Pod arrives from Mars ... what will happen next??) to the melodrama to the heroic beatdown.

If anything, I'd say the heroic beatdown wasn't long enough. There's quite a built of build-up to the showdown (which is also, to be honest, true to form) and the fight itself feels a little quick. It's fairly well directed, however, and definately ends with a bang. I'm not sure I could say you should run out and buy - unless you feel altruistic enough to support some great computer animation (and the animation and rendering is very, very good) but at the very least run out and rent it.

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