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Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow, I'm an idiot. While I was correcting Boing Boing on their lousy math I guess I should have been should have been freaking out about the lack of cable. Gee, how silly of me.

Hey, lemme go grab that S-Video cable my PlayStation 2 came with real fast. Oh wait, it didn't arrive with one. I'm sure some console did? Nope? OK, well, HDMI is the way of the future anyway. Well, no problem - I'm sure someone out there with an Xbox 360 has an HDMI cable? Oh, apparently not. Huh. How weird.

OK, well, let's just freak out about this complete non-issue for a little while longer. It might be fun until some console actually launches or something. If that gets bored, how about worrying about whether the low end PlayStation 3 will or will not support that resolution not even many HDTV's support. That could be a blast or three.

Jesus people - calm the hell down. I'm a lot more annoyed that Sony is squashing the idea of a PSP revision. I don't even need a PSP2, Sony. Just admit UMD flopped and redesign the mofo around that very simple idea. Hell, keep it the same and make it cheaper ... I don't care. The PSP is a solid idea up against a very powerful competitor.

Right now, if Sony is doomed for any reason - it's because they seem to be trying to survive solely on the basis of their own steam. The PlayStation 3 is worth the money because we say it's worth the money. The PSP doesn't need a redesign. Everyone will love Blu-Ray.

While much of the blogogamesphere seems to like to strike TNT whenever anything Sony is announced - I'm much more bothered by the complete opposite. It's the lack of substance from Sony right now that bugs me. There's a distinct lack of splash and honestly it feels like the launch could echo that resounding silence. Right now, both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are proving to be losers.

If Sony is hoping early adopters will cary them until next May, they might find an audience of crickets.

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