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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slamdance Deadline Approaching

Sam of the Slamdance Guerrila Gamemaker competition sent this along:

Finalists will be announced in December and will be shown at the Games Venue
during the Slamdance Film Festival, which occurs in Park City, Utah, January
19 - 27, 2006. Developers of all varieties of interactive electronic
storytelling and play are encouraged to submit. The GGC features several
award categories, including a Grand Jury Prize, and Audience Award, and two
awards recognizing student achievement in Art and Technology. We offer two
student awards so that we do not exclude students from purely technical
programs or purely artistic programs. All awards offer exceptional prize
packages and participation in the award ceremony on the last day of the
Games Festival.

"Slamdance is an indie game festival in the truest sense of the word -- a
diverse gathering of passionate, scrappy gamemakers hell-bent on creating
innovative interactive entertainment. We contestants connected with each
other as much as competed, playing and discussing each other's works
throughout our time at Park City," said Andrew Stern, one of Fa├žade¹s two

Game submissions have an early-postmarked deadline of September 1, 2006 and
a final postmarked deadline of September 29, 2006. Extensions may be
provided, dependent on circumstance. The entrance fee is $30 for games that
meet the early deadline, and $40 for others. Accommodations will be made
for students who cannot manage this financial burden. Entrants must submit 3
hard copies of their game and provide a URL for the game site. Entry forms
and application information are available through the Slamdance website at

I was going to try and get some interactive fiction into the fray, but then The Purchase and The Move occured and time went a slipping away. I still have some demo work in that vein, so maybe I'll poke into it some more (or maybe just enter Randolph Carter after a little more scrubbing on it).

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