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Monday, September 18, 2006

Ten Minutes With Lego Star Wars II

The Girl brought up Her Puppy to live with us this weekend (Her Puppy, btw, being a full grown Shepard-Rott mix. She's still Her Puppy, though). To welcome her to the North side, she took her for a quick walk. I took this chance to finally boot up Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy.

Corvus referred to the game as LEGO Star Wars: The Good Trilogy and even as I jumped into the game for only about ten or twenty minutes, I'm reminded how true is that statement (also check out his quick review). The first level is an extended version of the droids escaping the shuttle. At one point, if you explore in the right direction, you open a window which shows the adjacent hallway.

There is Darth Vader ... torturing little Lego rebels. To death.

Now, I don't want to make that sound too awful violent or dark. It's actually pretty cartoony. Remember that when Lego people die - they just disassemble. They can be resurrected without so much as a phoenix feather. It's not gruesome. It's just a reminder that even when represented solely by toys the first films come out much more serious and interesting than the prequels. Vader and his troopers aren't there to have a chat with The Princess - they're there to kill every mofo other than the ones they'll later torture.

Remember that in just few scenes they'll hit Tatooine and burn Luke's adoptive parents to death.

I'm just pointing this out because when people defend Lucas as someone who wanted to bring light-hearted family-friendly serials to the big screen ... I have no idea where they get that. I mean, sure, I think Lucas himself has said that. But A New Hope more closely resembles it's source materials: Kurasawa films and Westerns. It doesn't resemble rompish serials with crazy cliffhangers and frentic action antics until Return Of The Jedi.

Anywho. It seems like it's a great game done even better. Even after just ten minutes with it - I'd say it's highly recommended.

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